At the heart of Choko’s taste, lies history and tradition

It is said that since 1475 during the Bunmei era, the temperate climate as well as the consistency in humidity in Nagasaki gave way to the production of miso and soy sauce.
Furthermore, it is believed that the first time soy sauce was transported out of Japan was during the Sakoku period in which Japan isolated itself from other countries. Dejima, Nagasaki prefecture was the only place allowed trade with the outside world and it was from there that in barrels, soy sauce first left Japan.

Choko Shoyu started when 29 soy sauce breweries and miso makers united and as a first in Japan started producing and selling their products under the motto co-existence and co-prosperity. This led eventually to the establishment of the Nagasaki soy sauce and miso partnership. From 1975 onwards, using the motto “delicious and healthy”, we carved our place into the business world.
The history and traditions of those Choko workers before us still radiates from our products as they adapt to the current consumers’ needs leading to an extremely rich culinary culture.


Establishing a brand through persistence in the face of hardship

After the devastating blow of the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki in 1945, Choko Shoyu was revitalized under the slogan “traditional taste made by state of the art equipment”. In 1959, we built our four story (some parts six stories) high head office and facilities in Mifune (presently Nishisaka).
Adopting the lastest modern equipment and innovation played a large role in our rebirth.

Subsequently in 1965 we opened a miso factory with cutting edge equipment in Isahaya city and added a soy sauce brewery in 1976 in Omura city.
Furthermore as one of the pioneers in its industry, Choko opened its Ajisaikan which allowed for the production with the utmost attention to the quality of the products.
At the same time in 1971, which marked the 30th anniversary since the establishment of our company, we started and continued expanding our sales region through Kanto, Kansai, Hokkaido and finally overseas.
Due to high customer satisfaction, we have managed to steadily and continuously increase our sales.

Choko's logo

A trademark expressing business prosperity and local development

The Choko symbol was first adopted by the Nagasaki Shoyu and Miso Brewery Association in 1941. It expresses the hope for a thriving association and industrial development of our hometown Nagasaki. It includes a combination of the character “cho” for Nagasaki and the character “Ko” for industry.
After its founding Choko used the same symbol to introduce its motto “Delicious and Healthy” to households all over Japan. 

Choko Now

Delivering a familiar taste to consumers all over Japan

Choko’s philosophy is “learning from the past”. This means that even though the tastes we provide are not necessarily out of the ordinary, once a consumer tastes our products, it instantly becomes a familiar taste to him or her. Choko’s products are definitely an embodiment of the saying: “learning from the past”.
At Choko Shoyu we are determined to play a pioneering role in the development of new flavors, which nevertheless deliver a familiar taste from the past.