Spreading Choko’s harmony beyond Nagasaki

Our company was established by the incorporation of 29 local brewers in Nagasaki prefecture. Under the slogan “co-existence and co-prosperity, streamlining the enterprise”, we merged manufacturing as well as distribution all over Japan. This proved to be an arduous and difficult task.

However, overcoming this hardship, through cooperation and solidarity we laid the mental foundation of Choko’s spirit, which strives for excellence through devotion.

In 1968, our efforts culminated in the creation of world’s first soy sauce free from additives. This encouraged us to not only make safe and trustworthy products, but under the motto “Delicious and healthy” we devoted ourselves to inventing products of superior quality and taste.

While we as a vital challenging company move towards our 100th anniversary, we ask our employees to sincerely strive for customers’ admiration.

Now and in the future we consider it our social duty to do our utmost effort to create a healthy culinary lifestyle through our dedication to miso and soy sauce.

Choko Shoyu co., Ltd.
President Kitano Masahiro