Spreading Choko’s harmony beyond Nagasaki

Choko established the industry’s first union in 1941 with the aim of joint production and joint sales by 29 soy sauce brewers that have protected goodwill for a long time. After many changes, we are manufacturing as “Choko Shoyu Miso Cooperative”. In 1947, the sales department was separated and “Choko Shoyu Co., Ltd.” was established to sell products nationwide.

Since its founding, We the Choko Group have carefully preserved the traditional brewing technology of soy sauce and miso, which is the origin of Japanese food, and promoted the commitment to raw materials, thorough strict quality control, and the introduction of state-of-the-art equipment, soy sauce as a food manufacturer. Products that pursue “safety, reassurance, high quality” and “delicious” in the manufacture of a wide variety of seasonings such as soy sauce, miso, tsuyu, dressing, vinegar, sauce, etc. We have devoted ourselves to delivering products that are useful to the dining table full of smiles from the local people.

With the motto “Beyond the delicious smile”, we will make every effort to contribute to the creation of beloved products, rich food culture, and eating habits. As a vibrant company with a spirit of challenge, we have started to work on SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) to help smiles through food and various happiness that spreads from Nagasaki to the whole country and overseas. I will boldly try new things.

Choko Shoyu co., Ltd.
President Nishi Eiichiro