Image of compra soy sauce


Japan’s treasured flavor of soy sauce was first exported over 350 years ago and
has become loved by people all over the world.

Safety and honesty, no doubt about it.

Now and in the past, we have taken pride in our dedicated and honest way of
creating things.

We deliver our rich and authentic soy sauce to households all over the world.

Soy sauce brewery

On a plot of land surrounded by clean creeks and greenery in Omura, Nagasaki prefecture we established our soy sauce brewery. It is equipped with the latest technology. This new and energetic setting demonstrates Choko’s dedication to excellence.

Miso factory

As one of the best-equipped miso factories, our facility is admired even in Japan. Furthermore, this facility features a walk-through section, which allows visitors to see the plant’s activities. Not just limited to miso production, this facility also features a general food research center.